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  • When Oil and Gold Trade Like This, Markets Crash

    Only three times before has gold surged while oil plummeted. All three times, it happened during a bear market or a recession. In this article, Fred Abadi explains why it won’t be different this time around.

    Aug 13, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

  • Proposed Bill: How Much Gold Do We Have

    Due to the strategic economic value of gold, it is wrong that the amount of gold in the US reserves is not being disclosed to us. A new bill proposed by Congress will, if approved, direct the Treasury to provide us a full audit. Read the article and learn its importance to your finances and why we support this bill.

    Aug 09, 2019 | Peter Christensen |

  • The Rise of Gold to the Financial Center Stage

    Gold is on the rise and regaining its importance globally, both politically and financially. Central banks across the globe are expanding their gold reserves. Countries like Russia are expanding their mining operations, keeping the gold in their reserves, and several nations are planning on establishing their own gold-backed currencies for trading, moving away from the US dollar.

    Aug 02, 2019 | Kevin Troy |

  • Don’t Risk Financial Disaster—See These 3 Charts

    As the Fed is continuing its low interest rates, which allow corporations to pile on debt and buy back their shares, markets have responded by going up to all-time highs. We have been there before, and in these 3 charts it’s easy to see where we are, and how bad the markets are going to become.

    Jul 30, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

  • 5 Signs You Should Change Your Financial Adviser

    Today isn’t business as usual, and the markets are being threatened from many angles. Now is a great time to review your financial adviser to make sure your financial plan is staying on focus. In this article, Kevin Troy shows you how you can evaluate if your adviser is right for you.

    Jul 26, 2019 | Kevin Troy |

  • Will Leveraged Loans Blow Up the Market?

    In 2018, subprime loans inflated the housing bubble and created the crash that lead to the Great Recession. Today, leveraged loans on corporate and consumer debt are inflating an even bigger bubble than in 2008. Fred Abadi explains what these loans are, how similar our situation now is to where we were in 2008, and what you can do about it.

    Jul 16, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

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