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  • The 2 Reasons for Gold to Skyrocket

    We might see negative interest rates in the near future, which will push gold prices upwards. At the same time, gold supply will be insufficient to meet the demand, further boosting gold prices. Sophisticated investors such as central banks are seeing this and are buying up gold. In this article, Kevin Troy explains why this is happening to gold and why you should add gold to your portfolio too

    Jun 14, 2019 | Kevin Troy |

  • Why the Answer to These Questions Should Worry You

    We are standing at the tail end of the longest bull market run in history, and the financial industry is telling us the future is going to be more of the same. But there are signs we might be heading down a different path. Here are a few simple questions that may have you concerned about the near future for our markets and economy.

    Jun 07, 2019 | Kevin Troy |

  • Nations Want Their Gold in Their Hands Now

    Central banks are bringing home their gold reserves because they want them in their own possession as a hedge against financial crises and potential confiscation by the countries holding their gold for them. If central banks all over the world are hoarding gold, shouldn’t you too?

    Jun 04, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

  • Here Are the Facts Willfully Blind Investors Are Ignoring

    Many investors are willfully blind. They ignore the facts and keep taking excessive risks, thinking the Fed will come to their rescue. But it won’t.

    May 16, 2019 | Peter Christensen |

  • Insiders Are Selling Stocks. Are You Going to Be the One Left Holding the Bag?

    Last month, insider sellers outpaced buyers by a ratio of 5 to 1—the highest in two years—data compiled by the Washington Service showed. When insiders sell, many investors are choosing to go against their financial adviser’s “advice” they heard in 2008 to “just ride it out.” Most investors do not have six years to regain their losses like they had to when the last crash happened. Are you going to be the investor to ride this next correction to the bottom?

    May 06, 2019 | Lu Want |

  • Yellen: “Global Central Banks Need One More Crisis Tool”

    Now, Janet Yellen is sounding the alarm that launching additional multi-trillion-dollar rounds of quantitative easing and cutting interest rates into negative territory—two aggressive and controversial monetary tools that until a few years ago were considered the tools of absolute last resort—are simply not enough.

    Yellen proposes that since these powerful financial tools are now inefficient because they only indirectly influence the markets, Central banks should be able to directly buy falling stocks and bonds to prop up the market. The moral hazard issues that come up with this ludicrous proposal are tremendous. Wall Street will be able to do anything it wants, knowing the Fed will cover any losing bet to save the market. It also sounds like desperation. What does Yellen see that caused her to voice an extreme option never proposed before by a US central banker?

    May 01, 2019 | Jesse Colombo |

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