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  • Your Pension Can Be Bought Out Against Your Wish

    Pensions are slowly becoming a thing of the past as they are being eliminated because corporations are losing incentives to keep holding them. The federal government just made it easier for employers to get rid of pensions by allowing them to offload their pension obligations to the private sector. Companies may purchase an annuity plan for each retiree from an insurance company, or they can offer their employees a lump sum up front. Do you want to be in a position where, when you most need your pension’s income, you find yourself “out in the cold”?

    Mar 21, 2019 | Lydia DePillis |

  • All Markets Work in Cycles

    Ultimately, fundamentals drive the markets. Currently, the deterioration in the growth rate of corporate earnings, the soaring global debt, and our economic strength are not supportive of the levels of asset prices. Investors should realize that and understand it’s the central banks that keep the markets up and that they can only do this for a limited time. What happens when reality collides with widespread fantasy?

    Mar 20, 2019 | Lance Roberts |

  • The Fed Cannot Fix Credit Exhaustion

    Central banks cannot magically make noncreditworthy borrowers creditworthy or force those who have forsworn adding more debt to borrow more at high interest rates. As a result, they are powerless to stop the tide of credit from ebbing. The evidence is plain enough: student loan and auto loan defaults are already at monumental levels, and the recession hasn’t even started.

    Mar 20, 2019 | Hugh Smith |

  • The Crystal Ball—Inflation, Stocks, and Gold

    Anyone considering to diversify their portfolio with precious metals should look at the actions of the Fed, rising inflation, and historically high stock market prices as the background to the potential price movement of gold. In this article, analyst David Becker is asking: “Will inflation buoy gold prices while the Federal Reserve is ‘on hold’?”

    Mar 17, 2019 | David Becker |

  • Is the Global Financial Reset Possible?

    On June 21, the head of the UK’s central bank (Bank of England) gave a speech in which he emphasized that the global financial system is moving rapidly towards a “New World Order,” which in this case is political speak for the global currency reset. History has seen these resets before, but the average citizen will NEVER receive warning from either governments or the financial powers about it. Only if you are able to read between the lines in speeches such as this one, you can see what is being worked on, and what is coming.

    Mar 15, 2019 | Shotgun Economics |

  • Goldman: The Rally Is OVER—It’s Official!

    The world’s most influential FDIC-backed hedge fund thinks it’s time to start hedging. Here’s an inside look at the “warning signs” we are seeing. You might want to consider putting some of your “chips” into precious metals and cash.

    Mar 08, 2019 | ZeroHedge |

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