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  • Rick Rule: Expect Demand for Gold and Silver to Quadruple

    When our government most likely defaults at some point, CEO of Sprott U.S., Rick Rule, says our government will either admit they cannot repay their debt, or they will inflate the US dollar to make the debt “disappear.” In this article, Kevin Troy explains why either option is great for gold and silver, and how the demand for these precious metals might quadruple.

    Jul 12, 2019 | Kevin Troy |

  • The Fed Keeps Propping Up the Market—Here’s Why

    Central banks are injecting trillions into the markets to artificially prop them up, which has led to the longest bull market in history. Why does the Federal Reserve and other central bank do so, asks Fred Abadi, when we are being told that the financial systems have been rebuilt?

    Jul 05, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

  • When the Economy Goes Down, Gold Goes Up

    Owning gold is your best hedge against financial crises and recessions, but just like you need to get an insurance policy before the accident occurs, you need to add gold to your portfolio before the next recession hits us. Read this article to learn why gold is the best form of financial insurance for your wealth and why you should look into diversifying your portfolio with gold now.

    Jul 02, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

  • What You Should Do About the Fed’s Bubble

    Instead of ensuring our economy doesn’t overheat, the Fed is now nurturing the stock market bubble of all times. When that bubble bursts, the crash is going to be dramatic. In this article, Fred Abadi explains why he is excited for the opportunities this bubble burst can bring.

    Jun 26, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

  • Don’t Risk Financial Disaster—See These 3 Charts

    As the Fed is continuing its low interest rates, which allow corporations to pile on debt and buy back their shares, markets have responded by going up to all-time highs. We have been there before, and in these 3 charts it’s easy to see where we are, and how bad the markets are going to become.

    Jun 18, 2019 | Fred Abadi |

  • Recession Alert: Winter Is Coming

    One chart that’ll show you we are really close to a historic recession—worse than the Great Recession. Have the Fed and Wall Street ever told you it’s time to diversify out of the markets? Read about it here.

    Jun 18, 2019 | Kevin Troy |

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