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Precious Metals IRA–Approved Coins

Precious Metals IRA–Approved Coins

Why stock up on gold and silver?

In these volatile times, more and more Americans are recognizing the golden opportunities of investing in gold and silver coins. Gold and silver, like other physical precious metals, are always in high demand, and, as history teaches us, they are the ideal currency hedge. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, the value of the US dollar has decreased by 95%, while the price and demand for gold and silver have soared.

This isn’t the only reason to invest in precious metals, though. Choosing IRA-approved precious metals is the best way to diversify your portfolio and make sure your hard-earned money will retain or increase its value. When investing in gold coins, one of the important steps to take is to educate yourself about the difference between commemorative and IRA-approved gold coins.

Which Precious Metals IRA-approved coins should I invest in?

The American Gold and Silver Eagle coins used to be the preferred IRA-eligible coins. But, since the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, the range has expanded. Today, gold coins are eligible for investment as long as they’re .995 (99.5%) pure and an accepted government legal tender, while silver coins must be .999 (99.9%) fine.

In addition to meeting this high standard of fineness, the following is important:

  • Your contributions fall within IRA limits.
  • You don’t add any gold already in your possession to your Gold IRA.

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Popular IRA Coins


American Eagle Coins

The official bullion of the US—the Gold and Silver American Eagle coins—have been struck since 1986. Their value is determined by the current gold market price (“spot price”) rather than their face value. Guaranteed by the federal government, they’re globally respected for their quality and purity. Gold American Eagle coins come in denominations of 1 ounce, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, and 1/10 ounce.


American Eagle Proof

Proof coins are created for investors. Their numbers are kept to a minimum in order to increase their rarity and therefore their value. “Proof” refers to the unique minting process by which these coins are made. They’re more detailed and have a more brilliant finish than standard bullion coins, but its the rarity and collectible importance of this series that make it a worthwhile investment.


These limited-production coins come with a guaranteed weight and purity.

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America The Beautiful 5 Oz
The America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin™ program, honoring the splendor of America’s national parks, is one of the most talked about and collected United States Mint bullion products ever released!

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Polar Bear Coins
The Canadian Polar Bear and Cub coins in gold or silver honor the natural beauty of Canada and demonstrate not only the artistry of the Royal Canadian Mint but also their commitment to using only the finest and purest metals.

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Gold Bottlenose Dolphin Coin
The Bottlenose Dolphin gold coin portrays the famously clever and charismatic bottlenose dolphins. They are commemorated in this exclusive gold coin by the Perth Mint with a very limited mintage of only 5,000 coins for 2019.

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Gyrfalcon Coins
The silver or gold Gyrfalcon coin portrays the majestic gyrfalcon, which has been prized by humans as a hunting companion for centuries. The bird’s strong association with royalty and nobility makes it a perfect symbol to be depicted on these stunning coins.

Other approved IRA gold coins

On request, your Gold Alliance IRA expert can provide you with a full list of eligible metals.

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Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
Issued annually by the Royal Canadian Mint, this pure gold coin is a popular choice among investors.

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Gold Australian Nugget
First minted in 1986, the Gold Australian Nugget is unique in being one of the only legal tenders that changes its reverse design every year.

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Gold Vienna Philharmonic
Coming from the mint that’s been producing currency for over 800 years, this beautiful coin was first struck in 1989 and is the world’s largest-diameter one-ounce coin made from pure gold.

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Gold American Buffalo
First introduced in 2006, the design on the beautiful Gold American Buffalo is based on James Earle Fraser’s famous 1913 nickel.

Other Coins Approved For Silver IRAs

Here are additional coins that you can include in your silver IRA:

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Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
Originating from the Royal Canadian Mint, this annually issued coin was first minted in 1988. The obverse and reverse display Queen Elizabeth II and the maple leaf, respectively.

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Silver Britannia
These coins have been issued in silver since 1997 and are minted at the UK’s oldest mint.

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Silver Mexican Libertad
North America’s oldest mint produces this issue. It depicts the Mexican Coat of Arms on the reverse and the winged Victory on the obverse.

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Silver Australian Kookaburra
This coin has been produced at the Perth Mint since 1990. The image on the reverse side changes every year, but the obverse side always features a Kookaburra—one of the country’s native birds.

Coins not approved for Precious Metals IRAs

• Austrian corona
• Belgian franc
• Chilean peso
• Colombian peso
• Dutch guilder
• French franc
• Hungarian korona
• Italian lira
• Mexican peso
• Rare or collectible coins
• Swiss franc

Starting your Precious Metals IRA is easy.

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